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The Inimicus, an alien race have determined to destroy all Earth's colonies and the United Earth Forces have been caught napping. In order for the colonies and Earth to be saved someone has to fly out into the dreaded asteroid fields of Beta Meteora Libuerit and ambush the wave of Inimicus ships preparing to attack.

This lone, desperate and heroic attack should put the Inimicus off balance until the U.E.F can assemble a fleet to defend the colonies and earth. Will you take up the challenge, perform the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity?There is no way out, the best you can do is take as many down as you can.


w,s,a,d - control player ship.

left ctrl - fire nose laser.

left shift - fire left wing laser.

left alt - fire right wing laser.

R - restart.

If you take the time to play my game, I say thank you in advance for your patronage. Once played, if you could also kindly answer a few questions that would be doubly awesome.
1. How did the lighting in the game reflect travelling through space?

2. Which laser did you use the most often and why?

3. What were the controls for the space ship like?

Please answer in the comments. Any feedback is appreciated.
Well thank you once again for your time.

Built with Unity Engine 5.5.1f1 Personal and Visual Studio
All assets and audio except background downloaded from Asset store.
Original tutorial: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/space...
Check out my blog at https://notjustanothergamer.wordpress.com/ for Dev Diaries and other tidbits of information and prose.

Until next time...

God's blessings upon you.

Install instructions

Should just be able to download zip file, unzip and click on *.exe file to start game.


Claytons_Space_Shooter.zip 13 MB