A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Is a game inspired by art. During a recent visit to GOMA in Brisbane, Queensland. My eye was taken in by the trippiness of the endless reflections created through mosaic mirrors in Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian’s Lightning for Neda 2009, a talented and experienced Iranian artist.

It is a game about art creation, whereas you can create art through the various particle effects that randomly spawn on the mouse click. You can spawn one particle effect, or up to 5 particle effects at the same time which will run their course before disappearing. Some effects will remain on the screen canvass for a while longer, you can then capture these effects and images created using four cameras, from the front view, from looking out towards player view, from the left side view, and from the right side view. Any screen captures are then saved to the game folder for you to view later at your pleasure, or minimise the screen and check them out straight away.

Directions and Controls

Click anywhere on the white area on the screen and a random particle effect will spawn.


W to take screen shot from player view.

A to take screen shot from middle mirror view.

S to take screenshot from right mirror view.

D to take screenshot from left mirror view.

The screen shots will be saved in a created folder in the game folder for viewing at your leisure or minimise game and open folder labelled Screenshots.


Built with Unity Engine, Blender and Visual Studio. 

audio content - www.freesound.org
User: Tomlija.
Traditional Eastern instrument Sargija - improvisation played by Boris Todorovic.aif

Special thanks to HarleyT.


ParticleiscopePC.zip 24 MB
ParticleiscopeMac.app.zip 30 MB