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It is easy for us to judge history on hind site and due to the luxury of seemingly knowing all the facts as presented today. Often we wonder how a nation or a society could descend into a form of which the rest of the world would deem barbaric and inhumane. 

Our idea is to show how easy a society can be directed to think a certain way through the clever use of censorship.

Each colour represents an aspect of humanity and society. By changing the amount or or by stopping the flow of one or more aspects of society through censorship will change the colour of the outflow or outlook of the society.

Likewise if censorship is applied through every aspect of society then the total outlook or colour of society is blocked and stifled from shining through.

Censtream is an interactive display  which shows the impact of censorship on society. We wanted to represent the different influences and aspects that shape its identity through colour.
In a generally free country where censorship is not applied rigidly and strictly each influence has an equal opportunity to influence, steer or attempt to direct that society into thinking and behaving a certain way. This is represented by the colours of the spectrum or rainbow. Each influence directs a stream of colour towards the society which then reflects off that society. The colours mix and sometimes block out some of the other colours but they all have an equal opportunity to flow.

If in a society the ruling regime or system of government applies censorship across every aspect of society, it can really change how that society perceives and thinks. This is represented by the black stream of censorship which when applied will block or prevent most of the influences of society to shine through.


Download files and unzip.

Select Censtream.exe to load.

Select 'Window display' 

Use the tick boxes to change the flows and inputs of the 7 streams of society that we deemed to be the most influential to society and the most commonly censored at times during history and now. 

Mouse button selects or undoes inputs.

Escape or close window  to exit.

Example Gameplay: 


Lead Idea/Concept - Zac Croslow

Lead Designer - Cameron B Clayton

Coding: Tyler Quick

All original artwork by https://notjustanothergamer.wordpress.com/

Music by FoolBoyMedia

Using Unity 2017.2.0f3 Personal and Piskelapp 

Install instructions

Download files and unzip.

Select Censtream.exe to load.

Select 'Window display' 


Censtream.zip 21 MB

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