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Lifugglar is a physics based game based on trying to balance life's events, choices and twists of fate.

Many things, events, choices, decisions and consequences that we have to face every day have different effects on us. We strive to balance and juggle our lives with its many elements. There are times we can hold everything up and together, and there are many times when we drop or have to let go of things. There are also times when we fall and drop everything, leaving us to pick up the pieces. 

Use the mouse to select the randomly spawned event shape and drag it onto the player character's hands to stack. Keep selecting and stacking the event shapes trying not to drop any, but like real life be prepared to drop a lot!

Be patient but also be quick as each shape will react differently and some may react catastrophically and bring everything down. 

Some things when dropped or fumbled may be recovered, but most will fall by the wayside.

This was a tough project to publish without some sort of scoring system as to me all games must have some sort of scoring system, so this was a challenge in changing my perception of what a game entails. As this was a college project and based on a life experience it helped open up my idea of what games could also be. Lifugglar is how I tried so hard to keep things balanced, juggling, trying to keep everything afloat and then various events just came in shattering and tipping the balance, leaving me to pick up the pieces.

Made with Unity Engine 5.6.1f1 and Visual Studio

All photos are my own.

Music from freesound.org

Thank you...

  SFX from freesound.org

Thank you...

Assets from Asset Store:

  • Flat Icoon & UI -2D Puzzle Game UI by Arisan

  • Bubble Font (Free Version) by Jazz Create Games

  • Lazy Fog by Lemon Spawn

  • Free HDR Sky by ProAssets


Liffuglar.zip 61 MB

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