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My version of Roller Ball.
Use the direction keys to control the player sphere and collect all the love tokens in the fastest time.
There are multiple options to collect them all and they can be up down, here or there.

Built with Unity and music from Freesound.org
ntro Menu: scotcampbell
Level 1: Ellary
Level 2: FoolBoyMedia
Level 3: opspotty

My photos used for textures.

It is a simple game with simple mechanics. I created it after following the tutorial and then adding my design flair. Its rudimentary and most probably can and will be broken. Any comments are much appreciated as its my first real game I built with minimal assistance, except from my tutor and of course the awesome Mitchell!
My design process and methods are discussed here:
Not Just Another Gamer!

If you do try out the game please leave some feedback more specifically about:
1. How did controlling the player sphere feel?
2. How did the music make you feel whilst playing each level?
3. How did you know what to do in the game?
4. Did you find any bugs/mistakes? I know of at least one bug but lets just look at it as a 'feature'.

Thank you so much for your time and interest.


Roller Ball Zipped.zip 53 MB


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Just a quick look @

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Thank you so much for trying out the game and reviewing it.
I struggle with scripting and this is the first part of many exercises to get that skill up.
Appreciate your comments and questions.
The photo is actually the sea and rocks, when I applied the photo, it wrapped it like that, I liked the look so left it.

Hey, anytime. I'll keep an eye out for things by you in the future. Sorry, my channel isn't bigger to give your game more attention. I've never messed with unity, so I'm not sure how much Javascript goes into all of that - but if you wanted to practice Javascript you could always grab RPG maker and put it to the test.