Welcome to my very first story.

I have always written poetry as that's easier for me I feel, as there are no rules for poetry.
This is my first foray into writing a story where I have had to develop a character, plot and story.
It has been a challenge and a real test to see if I can put together a story that is interesting and able to hold the readers attention all the way through, as well as make it a game.
Fortunately I have come across an excellent, easy to use and amazing system to produce a story/game.
So introducing my very first TWINE game
The inspiration for it comes from my Dad, who always, constantly reminded me, pushed me and encouraged me to always think.

Dazed, confused, you find yourself in a place you are not familiar with. Not knowing, or being able to remember how and why, you must make decisions to try and find your way out.


your way out of your predicament and get



Directions/Instructions are included in the game.


Music by Adam Upton - Adsey
All Foley and other music  downloaded from Freesound.org
for the following files.

tc630 - Earth wind fire and water » fire2.wav

PhreaKsAccount - fire_small_loop.wav

axiologus - turkey run state park (stereo) » birds with wind through trees

worthahep88 - Light Wind.wav

CGEffex - Wind blowing through trees.mp3

j1987 - water_bottle_emerge2.wav

dikolson - Þingvellir waterfall hard 1.wav

LukeIRL - Asia - Africa 2012 » 41_nightlife_chikangawa.WAV

alexbird - morning_birds.wav

sethlind - Costa Rica field recordings » Costa Rica cloud forest at night.wav
themusicalnomad - negative_beeps.wav

Mativve - Happy Sounds by Mativve » Electro success sound

ebcrosby - Notification 1

sandyrb - Sandyrb Didgeridoo 01 » DIDGERIDOO 03.wav

marcelosf - didgeridoo.wav

missteik - Selva Amazonas Insectos y Aves 12m.mp3

Dynamicell - Competition 1 » Fire_Forest_Inferno.aif

mike_stranksWater » Rushing stream 2.wav

FlatHillRain and Thunder 4

HalleckFoley class » leaf rustles quick from animals running 1.wav

Adam_NWater » Water_dripping_echoing.wav

SparrerBird sounds » Tawny owl calling.wav

All photos my own

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